actyv Go

actyv Go automates and accelerates onboarding and off-boarding of partners by digitizing document collection, information extraction, data verification, fraud checks, approval workflows and digital document signing. It accelerates timely onboarding, saves significant manual efforts and improves top-line growth.

Remote onboarding

Remote onboarding / offboarding

Remotely trigger onboarding / offboarding of Business Partners, remotely complete all document submissions

Configurable workflow

Configurable workflow

Fully customize your onboarding process and tailor the approval workflow as per the organization requirement

Document Vault

Document vault

Store documents securely in the document vault, reuse the same across the suite of embedded financial offerings

Fraud Checks

Fraud checks

API based instant fraud verification; cross verification of documents for data integrity

Data-based Decisioning

Data-based decisioning

No more subjectivity in Business Partner selection; screen all Partners before onboarding

Integrated ERP

Integrated with ERP

Fully integrated with Enterprise System of Records to ensure seamless operations

Contract Management

Contract management

Complete your e-signing and e-contracting process on the platform

Digital Avatar

Digital avatar of business partners

Create Digital Avatar of channel partners, maintain audit trails of all your interactions

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