actyv Insure

We leverage technology to digitally enable access to innovative insurance products contextualised for enterprises as well as their business partners to increase the overall business sustainability of the supply chain ecosystem.

Choosing the right insurance products for your business is crucial because

Right insurance

Right insurance coverage guarantees continuity of operations for SMBs

Limited awareness

Limited awareness of the available insurance options for SMBs can impede their growth

Expensive products

Expensive products further curb the penetration of Insurance


Our solutions


Our insurance products are tailored to meet your needs and are created using market intelligence to provide you with unique solutions. We are transforming the business insurance landscape by offering affordable, bite-sized insurance products powered by technology. Our solutions cater to both Enterprises and SMBs.

actyvInsure for Enterprises

With our Group Insurance Program, enterprises can leverage technology to offer smart insurance products and build deeper relationships with their distributors and sales teams.

Group Insurance Program for distributors

A group insurance program that covers risks such as fire, burglary, accidental death, permanent total disablement, partial total disablement for distributors of enterprises

One product for all

One product for all:

Boost distributor engagement with a singular comprehensive product by offering same non-monetary benefits across geographies

One product for all

Embedded offering:

Since insurance products are integrated into the distributor onboarding process, it simplifies the policy issuance experience

One product for all

Business continuity

Insurance coverage from Day 0 of onboarding ensures safety net in case of business disruptions

One product for all

Partner care

Develop deeper relationships and increase loyalty with partners by showing them you care about their welfare

Group Insurance Program for Sales teams

A group insurance program that provides insurance benefits such as personal accidents and Hospi daily cash to the last mile sales team. Boost loyalty by coupling your existing sales incentive programs with our tech-enabled, data-driven, customized insurance products

Mandatory Insurance cover

Drive compliance in your supply chain by leveraging actyvInsure. Enable distributors to buy mandatory insurance (as defined by the enterprise) before e-signing the contract.

actyvInsure for SMBs

B2B BNPL Transaction Insurance

With actyvInsure, small and medium-sized businesses can access sachet-sized insurance products to protect their B2B BNPL transactions. actyvInsure enables them to secure their credit limit in case of non-payment due to legitimate reasons.

Contextualized Insurance Products

actyvInsure offers SMBs innovative insurance products tailored to the type and size of their business, using actyvScore, to ensure continuity of their operations.

Why choose actyvInsure?

Our products are budget-friendly, providing you with more coverage at a lower cost.

We offer frictionless purchase experience by incorporating the appropriate insurance product into your customer journey. With pre-filled information, there is no need for an additional step to obtain insurance.

We continuously leverage data science and artificial intelligence to develop novel offerings to provide simplest ways to bring innovative insurance choices to you.