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The Actyv Score is an automated multi-dimensional credit score based on document data and transaction data.

Large enterprises are using actyv.ai to transform their supply chains and to empower their Suppliers, Distributors and Retailers.

Actyv.ai has successfully worked, tested, developed and delivered an excellent Actyv Scoring model. Based on my experience as lender (as well as Investment Banker), I believe that this generic scoring model is an optimum and robust foundation / platform for other products (onboarding, performance evaluation, lending) and industry specific scoring models as well.

- Certified by Prakash Dara – CA & CS –
Executive Vice President - Scoring & New Credit Products

Data makes it possible

Actyv.ai has access to the right information required to create a modern credit score - one that reflects the SME's current reality.

Data makes it possible


Financial Data

Actyv.ai takes in bank statements which are digitally read and analysed. Even cheque bounces are noted.


Tax Data

Also considered are GST returns and IT returns data. Fraud checks are carried out to ensure data is valid.


Credit Bureau

SME's and promoter's existing scores from various credit bureau are retrieved and taken into account.


Detailed Report

Along with the Actyv Score, actyv.ai generates a detailed report on the SME's financial health.



The Actyv Score and the SME health report can be re-generated on-demand or as per a fixed schedule.


Credit Limit

The Actyv Score is used to calculate a credit limit that the enterprise and the bank can use as is.

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