Energy distribution is transforming at a rapid pace to bring suppliers and consumers of the energy closer to each other. The world is on a mission to become carbon neutral.

The platform is helping the energy industry in achieving these goals by digitizing the business partner engagement while powering decisions based on data and rules. The platform helps identify the right partners, onboard them efficiently for faster go-to-market and powers business growth by offering embedded PayLater and insurance facilities. The energy utility industry has long struggled with inefficient payment structures; helps create a digital payment mechanism between the utility and the large consumers with embedded credit for the consumers.

Digital Document Approval

Digital documentation and KYC

Digitally collect documents with instant KYC verification

Better compliance with regulatory documents and approval workflows

Asset Partner health - you can make this INR instead of dollar

Discover potential partners

Screen and engage with the right partners with growth potential

Faster business offtake and setup

mpower partner through paylater

Empower partners with actyv PayLater

Digital payment mechanism to partner with embedded PayLater credit

Generate real-time insights on consumption and repayment

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business bite-sized insurance products for channel partners

Ensure business continuity despite unexpected events and defaults