Bank or NBFC

actyv PayLater provides buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) payment option for suppliers, distributors and retailers onboarded with enterprises.’s financial institution partners enable attractive payment terms based on actyv Score - a dynamic number which depicts current and future potential of business partners.

This multi-dimensional score based on financial and nonfinancial data of business partners, is a key input to the credit scoring and underwriting algorithms of financial institutions (FIs).

FIs benefit by getting partners who have long standing relationships with enterprises and are credit worthy thus, offering lesser default risk.

Insurance company

We are creating a unique mix of bite-sized insurance products that can insure BNPL transactions in case of defaults because of owner health issues, property damage (fire, burglary, etc.). Distributors have an option to insure every transaction by paying a very small premium.

Insurance will bring down the risk associated with lending which in turn will reduce the interest rates charged by the banks.