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Bring The Power Of actyv.ai To Your Organisation Today

To keep your supply chain healthy and use it for sales growth, a lot of teams need to collaborate - central sales, field sales and finance. With actyv.ai, you can get them to work out of one place.


In a single dashboard, you will see each partner's financial health report and the overall financial health of your supply chain.

Leverage the power of data and AI for your decision making.

Enterprise Health Report

actyv.ai generates a financial health report from documents and data collected from each partner.

Regenerate Report

Enterprise can request re-submission of documents (like GST returns) and keep the health report updated.

Take Driven Decisions

With access to rich data, enterprise can locate where new partners are needed and review existing ones.

Terminate and Offboard

If a partnership is not working then enterprise can terminate and off-board the partner easily.

Review Credit Lines

As BNPL is via actyv.ai, enterprise has access to total and current limits at all times.

Run Campaigns

You can drive sales and reward the best performers via discounts and campaigns from within actyv.ai.

Bring The Power Of actyv.ai To Your Organisation Today