Partner churn has been a persistent bottleneck in the Infrastructure Industry. It is imperative that the enterprises asses, onboard the right channel partners and continuously evaluate partners for a healthy partner ecosystem.

For an industry primarily operating on cash and carry mode, the platform enables partners to PayLater via financial institutions. This helps enterprises improve their cash flow and strengthen the PnL. This happens with support from banks who make a direct payment to the enterprise against the invoice. This purpose-driven credit increases the overall efficiency of the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Automated Digital onboarding with inbuilt KYC

Automate digital onboarding with inbuilt KYC

Digitally onboard partners for faster business offtake

Optimal utilization of salesperson’s field time

Channel specific workflows

Configure channel-specific workflows

Configure channel-specific onboarding workflows and approval hierarchy

Setup approval flows as per channel, territory and roles

Asset Partner health - you can make this INR instead of dollar

Assess partner health and potential

Assess partner health through an AI-powered score and holistic report

Monitor overall health of partners to avoid blind spots

Empower partner through paylater

Empower partners with actyv PayLater

Offer best-in-class embedded purpose-driven working capital credit

Generate real-time insights on consumption and repayment

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business using bite-sized insurance products for channel partners

Ensure business continuity despite unexpected events and defaults