The pharma industry inherently has a differentiated construct of business partners because of the regulatory requirements and the unique products.

The manual payments and the associated receivable reconciliation remain a key challenge for a large and complex industry like Pharma. Therefore, it is paramount for enterprises in this sector to introduce digital payments across supply chain with embedded credit and insurance to reduce payment friction and increase the ease of doing business for their partners.

We at, offer efficient identification and onboarding of the right partners to increase the overall business health. Further, the digital payments journey with embedded financial products across channels simplifies business transactions.

Digital Document Approval

Channel-specific partner digital onboarding

Configure channel specific onboarding with no code tools

Digitally collect and validate documents on-the-go

Asset Partner health - you can make this INR instead of dollar

Assess partner health and potential

Assess partner health through an AI-powered score

Get a comprehensive report with multi-dimensional insights

Get supply chain insights with actyv Go

Get supply chain insights

Get intelligent dashboards capturing the engagement KPIs

Monitor overall health of partners to avoid blind spots

mpower partner through paylater

Empower partners via actyv PayLater

Offer best-in-class embedded purpose-driven working capital credit

Get paid on time, reduce Days Sales Outstanding

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business with actyv Insure

Protect business using bite-sized insurance products for channel partners

Ensure business continuity despite unexpected events and defaults